Why Use KMH Kreations?

Our Price is Lower

You will see websites that make the same Claim, and charge 3 digits an hour for updates, or simple projects for thousands of dollars. The simple answer to that is that neither of us will benefit if you're a client for only a few months. Both of our businesses benefit much more if we work together for the long run.

We Create Custom Designs

There are a lot of web companies out there that claim to do custom sites, but a single glance at the template name in the source code and a Google search will prove otherwise. Your business is unique, and thus, your template should be as well.

We Generate Results

Time and time again we will see SEO companies show proof of their clients page 1 rankings for 5 or 6 word long tailed keywords. While this is not untrue, you have to ask yourself: How much traffic will I really get from this? Page one is great, but traffic is more important. The keyword phrase needs to be popular. And then, the page the viewer is taken to needs to convert. We can help your business grow with our closely guarded, battle tested SEO Tactics.

We Are Located in America

This might not seem like a big deal, but if you deal with overseas companies, prepare yourself for a breakdown in communications. They work business hours, just like we do, but their business hours are in the middle of your night. Get ready for Phone and email tag. Everyone in our company lives in the U.S.

Please take a look at the following services to see which service(s) are the right fit for you and your business.

Our Services

Whether you need a new website or want to upgrade, we help you bring your site to life. We also maintain your website for you at great affordable rates!

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Using the right tools to define the keywords web users may use in their searches and then creating good content using the keywords is Search Engines Optimization. We do this!

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From newsletters to flyers to magazines, let us share our 25 years of experience to help you take your rough material and translate it into the publication you want.

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Social Media is the cheapest, and most effective form of inbound marketing. Want to engage your fans and grow your business quickly? We know how to use Social Media.

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From Logos to brochures, we can help you design a brand people will recognize. Allow us to help you find your image.

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Blogs share knowledge with web users and builds brand trust and authority; improving Search Engine ranking. Whether you need a blog or article writing assistance, we can help!

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